In this video:

  • CX is changing in profound ways: Decreasing revenue and shifts in consumer behavior means that a strategic service approach is more important than ever. What are the tools and tactics Simon Data uses to help brands improve their customer experiences and the growth metrics that follow?
  • The business of building relationships: The unique ways in which technology can accelerate the shift from listening to listening, thinking and speaking with consumers
  • Using data and feedback to engage consumers in relevant ways: A look at how data must be used to build a complete customer view that enables brands to orchestrate multi-channel experiences in ways that resonate with the audience; and
  • The future of CX: Answers to key questions such as ‘has customer experience changed for good?’ and ‘What does the future of CX in travel look like in 5-10 years?’

Marketing technology has never fully integrated the three most important parts of customer relationship management: listening, thinking, and speaking. This changes with Simon Data, the Smart Hub purpose-built to seamlessly blend the science of understanding your customers with the act of connecting to them.

In this video conversation from Skift Global Forum, we hear from Josh Neckes, Co-Founder and President of Simon Data about the ways in which the company is delivering exceptional experiences.