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With 33 percent of Americans taking at least one trip, June travel tells a promising story of the reopening. But it might be a very short-lived promise.

For the most part, June seems to be a month of continued recovery for the U.S. travel industry, as a result of many states lifting restrictions and resuming business as usual.  Thirty-three percent of Americans traveled in June, up from 24 percent in May, according to our June U.S. travel tracker survey,.

However, the promise has already proven to be a false one. With soaring new coronavirus cases, the states that were opening too soon are re-imposing restrictions. We expect to see deeper declines as a result in the following months.

Consumer sentiment sends the same message. The number of consumers who believe Covid-19 will be under control by the end of the year continues to decline in July. More than one-third of Americans now expect Covid to be over in the second half of 2021 and beyond.

Similarly, after holding fairly stable for the past two months, the number of people who planned to travel in three months or sooner after travel restrictions were lifted started to decline in July.

Skift Research introduced a monthly U.S. travel tracking survey in January 2020 to examine the travel penetration rates and detailed travel behavior of the U.S. population. In addition to the factual travel occurrences, we also asked respondents their perceptions on the macro-level economic condition as well their personal financial and travel outlook. As we move through different phases of Covid-19, our monthly survey captures the fluctuations of consumer travel behavior and intent in real time.

In our newly released U.S. Travel Tracker June 2020 report, we highlight new and ongoing trends in travel incidences, consumer sentiments and future travel intents in the pandemic world, distilled from our June Travel Tracker survey.

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  • Travel incidences Jan – June 2020
  • June travel highlights
  • Covid-19 impacted travel Feb – June 2020
  • Changing consumer sentiments on the economic outlook Feb – July 2020
  • Changing consumer intent on future travel April – July 2020

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