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In digital news this week, Expedia Vice Chair Peter Kern sought to rally his workforce by saying it was time to focus and help the company's travel partners suffering in the wake of coronavirus. Plus, Group said it would likely see a 50 percent drop in first quarter revenue but offered some hope that travel was slowly recovering in China.

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Expedia Vice Chairman Tells Employees It’s Time to Focus and Help Our Travel Partners: There will be a reckoning and perhaps a reordering of the competitive landscape once the coronavirus crisis fades. Meanwhile, companies such as Expedia Group know they need to have extreme focus to dig out of the mess. Group Expects 50 Percent Drop in First Quarter Revenue But Sees Some Local China Recovery: To hear that signs of recovery are in sight from China’s biggest travel firm is offering the battered tourism industry a glimmer of hope

Tripadvisor’s Controlling Shareholder Gets $325 Million Investment From Certares: This deal between Liberty Tripadvisor and Certares Management ensures that Tripadvisor won’t be shedding its controlling shareholder anytime soon. With Liberty Tripadvisor paying off debt, it will now be charged with ensuring that its namesake Tripadvisor has a viable future, as well, once the coronavirus crisis passes.

.After the Virus: 10 Consumer Trends for a Post-Coronavirus World: Which trends looked years away from the mainstream — and so were easy to ignore — but now feel primed to become totally normal in a matter of months, if not weeks? Our friends at TrendWatching analyze.

The Impact of Emerging Tech in Travel Post-Coronavirus: New Skift Research: There are so many technologies that can and will impact the travel industry, but it’s hard to poke through all the hype and see what will fundamentally change the future of travel. We investigate four technology buckets with the largest potential.

No, It’s Not Fine to Keep Hosting Live Events: Mixed messages are still coming from the industry about the safety of meetings and traveling despite travel bans and national emergencies that have led to lockdowns. It’s time to take responsibility for our industry and cancel your meeting. Optimistic Bookings Will Start Returning by May: Given that we still don’t know enough about the coronavirus, is this a case of overoptimism? Whatever happens, an online player like is probably more resilient than asset-heavy travel companies.

What Is Going to Happen to All Postponed Events? The events industry is living through one of the most difficult times of its existence. The coronavirus outbreak has forced an incredible number of events to be postponed. But postponed until when? And what will happen in the fourth quarter of 2020?

What Nervous Travel Startup Investors and Founders Should Watch for Next: From short-term rentals to tours and activities to corporate travel, here are pockets of the travel tech startup sector to follow closely in the weeks ahead.

Travel Megatrends 2020: Data’s Breakthrough for Events: All-in-one software doesn’t just simplify the event planning process. It transforms the way planners track and learn from events. How these all-in-one tools evolve is starting to shape the future of the meetings industry.

Bimble Raises $1.5 Million for Trip Inspiration: Travel Startup Funding This Week: This week, travel startups Bimble and Pruvo announced they had raised more than $1 million each in funding, despite the coronavirus crisis. Keep hope alive.

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Photo credit: Expedia Vice Chairman Peter Kern sent a memo to employees this week to encourage them to help in away travel partners hurt by coronavirus. Expedia

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