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The link between business travel and burnout is clear, with more frequent travelers experiencing higher levels of stress than infrequent travelers. Risk management companies are getting a view of this problem firsthand.

Business travel takes a toll on employees. Disrupted sleep, long flights, and feelings of loneliness may seem inevitable to travelers embarking on a new trip. Being on the road means eating out all the time, throwing off even the most well-intentioned diet plans — and a rise in alcohol use often goes along with it.

Because of this, symptoms of anxiety and depression run rampant among business travelers. Corporate risk management companies such as International SOS are having to put more of an emphasis on mental health supports, as the number of stress-related calls continues to climb. In fact, mental health issues are one of the very top types of calls International SOS receives on a daily basis, reaching nearly half of the company’s average calls.

Dr. Robert Quigley, a senior vice president at International SOS, talked to Skift about the “progressive, almost logarithmic increase” in the number of mental health concerns the company receives, and what businesses can do to bring this risk down.

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Isaac Carey, Travel Reporter

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