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This week in tourism, geopolitical tensions show signs of harming the U.S. tourism industry. Meanwhile, Travel Leaders takes a proactive approach to one of travel's most difficult problems.

Throughout the week we post dozens of original stories, connecting the dots across the travel industry, and every weekend we sum it all up. This weekend roundup examines tourism trends.

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How a Drop in Chinese Tourism Will Hurt Luxury Retail in the U.S. An expected drop in Chinese tourism to the United States won’t just impact hotels and restaurants. In fact retail may take the biggest hit.

Carnival’s Profit Plummets After Trump Cuba Ban: After a whopping 20 percent drop in second quarter earnings, Carnival is facing the realization that while itineraries to Cuba might have warranted higher-priced tickets, the political volatility of the Trump administration means they were not a safe bet.

Travel Leaders Wants to Find Fixes for Overtourism: Travel Leaders is one of the first travel giants to turn overtourism into an opportunity. It’s teaming up with industry partners and academia to raise awareness, seek solutions, and push for sustainable business practices.

It’s Summer and Everyone Is Writing About Overtourism: The intense media coverage of overtourism during high summer season makes sense, but putting the onus on travelers to solve it misrepresents the deeper issues at play.

Travel Advisors School Affluent Clients on the Great American Road Trip: As well-traveled Americans and international visitors look for their next adventures, travel advisors are pointing them to the allures of the open road. Fueled by an increase in high-end lodging options in the American West, more luxury travelers will shift gears and opt for driving rather than flying.

What the China-U.S. Trade War Means for High-End Retail: A sustained dispute between the United States and China will do plenty of damage to the American luxury retail industry.

Can Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Beat WeChat in Travel? Facebook makes no secret that it wants to be the WeChat of the world outside China. Is it any surprise that it’s leading the development of a new payment infrastructure and the first product is — drum roll — a digital wallet?

Travel Advisors Take New Route on Classic American Road Trips: The classic American road trip is being revamped for more affluent and sophisticated travelers. Improved accommodations and amenities are a far cry from what many clients may recall from childhood.

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Photo Credit: Tourists from China pose for photographs at Rockefeller Center in New York. Kathy Willens / AP Photo