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This week we take a look at what events are doing to mitigate sexual harassment in the #MeToo era.

We found that hotels are unwilling to discuss the issue openly, while planners are working on new ways to educate attendees on inappropriate conduct. Check out the story below.

We also have takeaways from a survey of Eventbrite users on their pain points in 2019, and the latest on how “conscious” travel is growing in the luxury space.

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— Andrew Sheivachman, Senior Editor

The Future of Events and Meetings

Are Meetings the Perfect Place for Sexual Harassment? The jury is still out on whether tweaking events can eliminate sexual harassment incidents — maybe that’s too easy of a fix. But if the better answer is communication and education, is the meeting industry providing that support?

Event Organizers Plan for Stretched Budgets in 2019: Event planners are being tasked with producing more events with limited resources. Better technology can help them maximize their marketing efforts, but word of mouth remains the most effective at attracting attendees to an event.

‘Conscious’ Travel Emerging as Yet Another Hot Luxury Trend: Do compassion and social consciousness go hand in hand with luxury travel? That’s what some luxury travel executives are seeing — and hoping for.

Around the Industry

How United Let It Slip That Apple Is Its Biggest Corporate Client: A list of the airline’s top clients showed up on Twitter Friday, with Apple taking the top spot. This is bad news for United — especially if Apple is out shopping for a new preferred airline.

China Warns Against Business Trips to U.S.: Blowback from the Huawei spying scandal is starting as China discourages state enterprises from traveling to the U.S. and its ally countries, especially with devices with sensitive information. It doesn’t bode well for China’s growing outbound business travel.

Event Attendees Meet in Bathrooms and Public Parks to Escape Overcrowding: The boom in the events business has led to overcrowding and an increase in people taking meetings in weird places like bathrooms and department stores. More creative event design is necessary to reverse this trend.


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