In recent weeks, a growing anxiety about the state of the global economy has permeated the business conversation. Big swings in stocks and uncertainty over the impact of President Trump’s trade policies — and over Trump in general — have fueled these fears.

But in its annual outlook for the travel sector, Skift Research offers an antidote for the unrest with a positive forecast.

“In our view, recessions are not caused by the age of the economic cycle alone and so as long as key indicators remain positive and a negative shock to the global economic system doesn’t occur, we should be in for another solid year of growth,” the outlook report states.

The report offers forecasts for growth in tourism, international arrivals, and business travel as well as our expectations for key sectors within travel including hotels, airlines, online travel agencies, and cruise.

Rebecca Stone and Seth Borko, senior research analysts, and Dennis Schaal, executive editor, will discuss all aspects of our upbeat outlook for travel during a conference call at 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Jan. 16. The call is free and open to the public. We’ll share slides and set aside time for audience Q&A.

See the slides from the presentation here: