We’re publishing a new Skift Trend Report, in partnership with The Venetian Resort: Rethinking Luxury Experiences in Meetings, that takes a closer look at how meeting planners can deliver next-level luxury experiences.

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In the world of group business, the idea of luxury experiences might conjure up images of incentive programs centered around learning, networking, and creating return on investment for an organization, rather than creative, energizing meetings that can foster out-of-the-box thinking among attendees. But times have changed.

People are busier than ever, making the competition for their time and dollars super stiff, especially among those at the upper reaches of organizations. In short, it’s become imperative to give folks from the corner office and other high-level attendees something special and shareable when they come to meetings.

This report will reveal the ways that meeting planners can deliver such memorable moments, looks at specific types of experiences, and examines how they impact attendees, organizations, and the meeting planners themselves.

This report provides:

  • A look at how wellness activities can big greater meaning to meetings
  • An examination of unique luxury group experiences in the areas of retail, food, entertainment, and corporate social responsibility
  • Discussions of how experiential moments build community and foster better
  • information retention than traditional meetings
  • Thoughts on how luxury experiences tie into personalization of customization

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This content was created collaboratively by The Venetian Resort and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX.