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>> is taking its sweet time to implement a flights-to-attractions travel offering. Some would say the pace is Google-like in its slowness. But behind the scenes, data reigns supreme, and dictates whether a product is scrapped, implemented with a twist, or then reshaped anew. Refill the popcorn. This will take a while: Booking Holdings Is Taking Its Time to Deliver On a Steep Promise

>>Grab’s partnership with Indonesia’s tourism ministry, the first of its kind between a national tourism body and a ridehailing platform, reveals one of the initial ways it is trying to become Southeast Asia’s super app for a plethora of travel services: Grab’s Tie-Up With Indonesia Tourism Gives a Glimpse of Ambitions Beyond Ridehailing

>>This startup has the JetBlue Tech Ventures seal of approval, which means something in the travel space. But we’re not sure why consumers would rather receive a gift card for airplane hours, than a gift card worth cash: This Startup Is Selling Fly-by-the-Hour Airline Gift Cards

>>Ridesharing and homesharing services have been long overdue for loyalty program launches. Now, both Lyft and Uber are offering at least limited options: Game On: Lyft and Uber Launch Loyalty Programs

>>Simply put, these are best deals we’ve ever offered. Act quickly and you’ll save the big bucks: Limited Time Only: The Best Deals Ever on Skift Forums and Research

>>Brace yourselves, Black Friday is coming. This year we’re giving you a head start on the frenzy by opening a few of our deals early: Sneak Peek: Weekend Deals on Forums and Research

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