Throughout the week we post dozens of original stories, connecting the dots across the travel industry, and every weekend we sum it all up. This weekend roundup examines tourism trends.

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>>Southern Europe and Southeast Asia are posting the biggest tourism gains this year, according to new data. But the United States is rebounding after 2017 was dominated by fears of a “Trump slump,” and that’s good news for the travel industry: Europe and Asia Are Driving Global Tourism Growth in 2018

>>There was a lot to take in at Skift Global Forum this year. Now videos from the entire two-day event are available to see whatever you missed: Skift Global Forum 2018 On-Stage Videos Are Now Live

>>So far as we know, a planned mobile app from Puerto Rico will be the first by any tourism board that offers text-based help for visitors from local concierges while they’re in a destination. Other efforts at enhancing the digital marketing of the island’s businesses show promise, too: Puerto Rico Takes New Digital Steps to Enhance Tourism Efforts

>>These travel advisors have a certain swagger about them these days. Their U.S. trade association, the newly named American Society of Travel Advisors, is now back among the living, and has the challenge of keeping things moving in the right direction: How Travel Agent Trade Group Fought Its Way Back From Near-Extinction

>>We at Skift often discuss the dangers of overtourism. But during a recent forum on global wellness, we discovered a possible cure: Can Wellness Provide an Antidote to Overtourism?

>>Royal Caribbean Cruises wants to be a bigger player in the luxury and expedition cruise space. One surefire way to do that, now that it owns a majority stake in Silversea: build more ships: Royal Caribbean Is Already Growing Its Luxury Silversea Line

>>… But we have a feeling that things are shifting in that area as more luxury brands see themselves as “experience platforms”: Luxury Hotel Loyalty Programs Are Missing Out on Experiences

>>Experiences are becoming a much bigger part of the travel industry and luxury hotels are adding them to their portfolios. The next stage is connecting them to their loyalty programs: The World of Luxury Tours and Activities

>>Destinations need to provide more services to event planners in an extremely competitive marketplace. Despite the proliferation of online destination information, nothing beats a strong relationship between planners and destinations to help ease the stress felt by event professionals: Meeting Planners Stress Most About Dealing With Safety and Security

>>There’s a glut of information out there about global destinations. Planners, though, really need strong partners to help them craft successful events when the pressure is on: Planners Need More From Destinations

>>Business travel continues to grow in the world’s largest market, presenting significant opportunities for Western travel management companies. The prize is two-fold: winning global accounts from multinationals tapping into China’s growth and taking a share of the enormous domestic market as it matures: The Promise of China’s Enormous Corporate Travel Market

>>China continues to grow as a business travel powerhouse despite some economic foibles and trade spats with the U.S. As trade grows, so too does the need for travel management services that span the globe: Supporting China’s Biz Travel Rise

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