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To be recognized as one of the most aspirational places to work, not just in travel, not just in media, but across all sectors, is a recognition that is a reflection of all the hard work all of us Skifters have put into building what we have created today. And so much more to come in 2019!

I’m excited to share that Skift has been selected to be on LinkedIn’s 2018 Top Startups list, which celebrates the most sought-after places to work for by professionals. According to LinkedIn, Skift is “one of 50 [startups globally] changing the way people work and live.“

The Top Startups methodology is a combination of the vast repository of LinkedIn data that focused on what job seekers are doing, mixed with its own editorial lens.

We are delighted with the recognition, and it speaks to the culture we have created at Skift, and to each of our team of almost 55 now that creates that culture. Six years into Skift, we don’t call ourselves a startup anymore, we are just a company, but we have retained the agility, hunger, execution-focus and openness of a startup.

Earlier this summer I wrote a internal memo to our team about what constitutes our culture and posted a version of it online here.

The memo answered the question: What is your culture like?

“For us culture stems from meaningful work we do, and each of us seeing the tangible in-situ effects of that work — help change the direction of the future of travel and dining, even — in a reasonably short time frame on the people we create everything for.

“Our culture ties in to the larger promise of travel. ‘If you are tired of Skift, you are tired of the promise of travel,’ a line I use often. That, in essence is what our promise is to the global travel industry: that we are eternally curious about the business and creative possibilities of travel and what it means to the world at large.

“That is what gives meaning to everything we do as a company. That is what inhabits our culture.“

We take the recognition by a global entity like LinkedIn seriously, and can’t wait to unveil the slate of new hires for the rest of 2018 (about five more to come) and over 2019, almost all of them likely hired through LinkedIn, I can guarantee!

Do drop us a note at [email protected] and tell us why you want to work at Skift. We will keep you on the consideration list for relevant jobs in the coming months. We highly encourage minorities of all stripes to consider us as an option.


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Photo credit: Skift is named one of LinkedIn's top startups. Here is the Skift team on a recent company retreat to Puerto Rico. Skift

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