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Instagram already offers ticketing services in its app, and it seems like Snapchat is well on its way. Beyond selling tickets, though, both platforms are also jockeying to become the premier platform for augmented reality technology and content as the sector develops.

Selling tickets to an event is a major challenge faced by event marketers, and it has become even more complicated in recent years as social networks have eaten up the time potential attendees would spend on more traditional channels.

This week I examined how the dominant social media platforms are allowing companies to sell tickets through their apps and the impact it could have on event sales efforts.

Augmented reality is also an issue here, because it is likely that the technology from one of these players becomes the go-to back-end service for apps and content. Imagine plugging the cool thing you created on Snapchat or Instagram into your event app, for instance. You can check out the story below.

We also have the latest on Marriott International’s embrace of Amazon’s Alexa and how Russia is struggling to turn the World Cup into a big win as a destination.

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— Andrew Sheivachman, Business Travel Editor

The Future of EvenTs and Meetings

Would You Buy Your Next Event Tickets on Instagram? Engagement with social media for planners and marketers is moving beyond hashtags and sponsored posts into a competitive marketplace for digital ticket distribution. This won’t really affect associations and B2B conferences immediately, but make sure to track the trend as consumer events experiment with distribution over social networks.

Russia Faces an Uphill Climb to Turn World Cup Into Tourism Win: Who can blame travelers for wanting to sit this World Cup out given all the reasons (some valid) they get from news reports every day? FIFA could also have done more to assure travelers from countries like the U.S. and UK that Russia will have the welcome mat rolled out, at least while the matches are being played.

Amazon Wades Into Travel as Hotels Turn to Alexa in Rooms: The next big questions hoteliers might soon be asking themselves: “Alexa, how do I make sure you recommend my hotels when they ask you where they want to stay?” Or, on the flip side: “Why did I invest so much into the modern-day version of the iPod docking station?”

Around the Industry

Video and Voice Take On New Importance: Mary Meeker’s latest trend report exposes the technological changes that events need to embrace going forward.

Consumer Events Giants Experiment With VR: AEG is developing new ways to engage with customers and drive demand for events through virtual reality content and experiences.


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Photo credit: A fan holding up a phone at a concert. Instagram now allows events to sell tickets on its platform.

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