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>>Luxury cruisers have some well-known options, but the new Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection believes it can win over both fans of cruising and non-cruisers alike. Will newcomers abandon land to check out how Ritz-Carlton translates to sea? How the Ritz-Carlton at Sea Will Avoid the Bus-Route Nature of Cruising

>>Hotel-cruise crossovers are pretty rare these days, so it will be interesting to see how the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection fares. Will the brand power be enough to entice land-lovers to take to water? Taking Luxury Hotel Service to Sea

>>How seriously is EasyJet going to take the packaged vacations market? More seriously than it did before for sure, but enough to compete with the plethora of tour operators and online travel agencies out there? At this stage it’s hard to tell: EasyJet’s Packaged Vacation Push Won’t Be a Sure Thing

>>Buying Silversea will certainly improve Royal Caribbean’s offering in the luxury and expedition sectors. Will it be happy as a majority shareholder, as it says now, or will it eventually want complete control? Royal Caribbean Is Buying a $1 Billion Stake in Silversea to Boost Its Luxury Offerings

>>Who can blame travelers for wanting to sit this World Cup out given all the reasons (some valid) they get from news reports every day? FIFA could also have done more to assure travelers from countries like the U.S. and UK that Russia will have the welcome mat rolled out, at least while the matches are being played: Russia Faces an Uphill Climb to Turn World Cup Into Tourism Win

>>Everybody wants a piece of the tours and activities sector, but how easy is it going to be to migrate all those businesses that currently operate offline to online? Tours and Activities Sector Still Faces Challenge of Moving Bookings Online

>>Rwanda is setting itself up as Africa’s new big luxury tourism destination. And while mountain gorillas are the country’s main attraction, new luxury lodges will help open up other regions of this small, yet highly diverse country: Rwanda Is Making a Push for the Right Number of High-Spending Visitors

Photo Credit: The new Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection believes it can win over both fans of cruising and non-cruisers alike. Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection