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>>Evolve or be crushed. That’s CEO Glenn Fogel’s philosophy about business in general and Booking Holdings in particular. But the move toward becoming more of a full-service online travel agency comes with the risk of losing focus on accommodations. No one ever said all this online travel agency stuff is easy: Booking Holdings CEO: We’re on the Road Toward Going Full-Service

>>Stocks go up and stocks go down. That’s one of the perils of being a public company and exposing yourself to such pressures. Booking Holdings CEO Glenn Fogel expresses a commitment to focus on the long term regardless of short-term complications. If Airbnb goes public, it would have to deal with a similar dynamic: Booking Holdings CEO on the Foolishness of a Short-Term Focus

>>Only a couple of years ago, the CEO of family-owned activities distributor FareHarbor said the company would never sell. But never say never. For Booking Holdings, this is further proof that the giant wants to be full-service: Booking Holdings Buys Activities Distribution Startup FareHarbor

>>Is Google on the road toward becoming an online travel agency? Color us skeptical on that one. How will voice-based search change the game? Google’s Rob Torres will certainly express his views on these topics at Skift Forum Europe: Skift Forum Europe Preview: Google’s Rob Torres on Travel Marketing Relevance

>>And the winner is … “experiences.” It’s a trendy way these days to refer to what formerly were known as tours and activities or attractions. Following Airbnb and, TripAdvisor’s new business unit will be called TripAdvisor Experiences. Breathing is an experience and living is an experience. Does the name du jour really reflect tour and activities offerings? TripAdvisor Attractions Unit Will Rebrand as Experiences

>> has a test-and-learn culture, and Chief Marketing Officer Pepijn Rijvers will be doing plenty of that over the next few years as he tries to sort out the complexities of marketing a widely diverse set of accommodation types. Ask anyone, though: It’s a great problem to have: Skift Forum Europe Preview: Booking CMO Adds Apartments to Complex Marketing Mix

>>We said there would be more consolidation in the tours and activities space, and the ink was hardly dry when TripAdvisor announced the acquisition of Bokun. This enables TripAdvisor to provide an end-to-end solution without having to rely on third party vendors to bring tours and activities suppliers on board: TripAdvisor Buys Tours and Activities Tech Provider Bokun as Connectivity Race Heats Up

Photo Credit: Booking Holdings CEO Glenn Fogel expresses a commitment to focus on the long term regardless of short-term complications. BTO / Flickr