Earlier this year, we created the ‘City Within A City’ video series to uncover what meeting planners are doing to create immersive event environments at The Venetian in Las Vegas. 

During the IMEX America conference, The Venetian® event team wanted to create an unforgettable night for a select group of guests by transforming the hotel’s privately-owned airplane hangar into a multi-sensory event space.

“Just like anyone else, meeting attendees want stories to tell. They want to go home and be able to say, you won’t believe what I just experienced,” said Chandra Allison, senior vice president of sales at The Venetian. Guests were invited to tour the inside of these luxury planes, enjoy craft cocktails and watch a band perform on top of a tow tractor.

“You know that one great party you went to five years ago that you still talk about when you’re at a dinner? That was the feeling evoked by the hanger party,” said Allison.

Watch the video below to discover how The Venetian created an unforgettable evening for attendees.

This video is part of a series; visit the interactive mini-site to watch all four videos.

This content was created collaboratively by The Venetian® and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX.