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Throughout the week we post dozens of original stories, connecting the dots across the travel industry, and every weekend we sum it all up. This weekend roundup examines digital trends.

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>>Grab your calendars — The Skift Tech Forum date and venue are officially set! Now is the best time to secure your spot at our Super Early Bird Rate: Skift Tech Forum Update: Date, Venue, and Super Early Bird Tickets

>>While the larger world is asking questions and turning on Silicon Valley, and the tools and culture it spawned, it is time for everyone — including us in travel — to pause to account for the society we are creating. The tech and social media backlash happening right now is a test for us in travel, as well: The Coming Tech Backlash and What It Means for Travel

>>Come work for the best travel media company on the planet! Skift Is Hiring a Research Director and Sales Executive to Start 2018

>>Consumer behavior will shift in drastic ways in coming years, powered by a new generation of devices with ridiculously fast data connections and the mainstreaming of gadgets that have been niche products until now: CES 2018 Report: A New Data Era Will Reshape the Travel Industry

>>The smartest people in luxury travel are realizing that they can’t just keep doing things the old way. Keeping a high-touch, personal approach while adapting to the needs and wishes of today’s travelers will be key to survival: Balancing Humanity and Tech — New Luxury

>>CES keeps getting bigger and bigger, but the importance of face-to-face meetings remains a focus: CES and the Future of Events — Meetings Innovation Report

>>Consumer technology is undergoing a transformation, powered by artificial intelligence and voice commands. Corporations should pay attention to how their travelers’ behavior shifts in order to stay in front of upcoming trends: Corporate Travel Can’t Afford to Miss the Next Wave of Consumer Technology

>>Despite some progress, it doesn’t seem like robotics will disrupt travel and hospitality any time soon. The human element is too important for hotels, and travelers don’t need unnecessary equipment to make their trips even more complicated: Smart Robots at CES Have a Lot to Learn Before Hotels End Up Using Them

>>As corporate travel becomes more consumer-oriented, leaders should consider the ways travelers will behave following the next wave of transformative technological change: Why Consumer Technology Matters — Corporate Travel Innovation Report

>>5G mobile technology isn’t here yet. But once it does emerge, smart hotels will be wise to provide access to the data network at their properties: CES 2018 Dispatch: Transition to 5G Mobile Will Be Transformative for Hotels

Photo Credit: CES 2018 in Las Vegas. The latest consumer technology is poised to affect the corporate travel sector. Andrew Sheivachman / Skift