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CES keeps getting bigger and bigger, but the importance of face-to-face meetings remains a focus.

It’s been a chaotic start to CES in Las Vegas this week, with rainstorms drenching attendees and making it harder to access the diverse event locations around the city.

There are many new innovations on display, but some of the technology being discussed will have serious ramifications for the meetings and events sector as well. As mobile phones equipped with 5G connectivity roll out in coming years, the face of digital interaction will shift. Other products, like smart speakers and digital assistants, will also transform the user experience.

Check out more insights on the future of technology (and, of course, meetings) below.

— Andrew Sheivachman, Business Travel Editor

The Future of the Meetings Industry

CES 2018 Report: A New Data Era Will Reshape the Travel Industry: Consumer behavior will shift in drastic ways in coming years, powered by a new generation of devices with ridiculously fast data connections and the mainstreaming of gadgets that have been niche products until now.

Event Tech Innovation for 2018: Technology will fuel a new wave in creativity for planners and marketers, in addition to savings from smarter, more efficient planning and booking platforms.

In the News

Putting the Humanity Back in Meetings: A meetings-focused marketing consultant ponders what making meetings human-centric really means. A big part is pushing aside the deluge of meaningless digital distractions.

Why Blockchain Really Matters: This is from last month, but well worth reading. The contemporary digital ecosystem has destroyed trust, and blockchain, along with smart contracts, can help bring it back.

Art Events and Immersion: On the importance of sharing photos, and experiences, to events in the art world. Museums around the world realized in 2017 that participation and interaction matter.

New Ways to Avoid Useless Meetings: Why are so many meetings simply a waste of time? It’s important to think about what time spent together actually accomplishes compared to what it could accomplish. You can’t blame attendees for wanting to spend their time on something valuable instead of an hour each day rehashing the same subjects.


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Photo credit: The Las Vegas Convention Center during CES 2018. Some of the technology being discussed here will have serious ramifications for the meetings and events sector. Skift

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