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Will there ever be a day when last-minute event or meeting RSVPs are a thing of the past? Probably not.

The Future of Meetings & Events

“Better late than never?” Never utter such blasphemy to a meeting or events planner. At a time when so many things can be ordered or delivered on demand, or at the very last minute, more and more planners are finding that this type of behavior is finding its way into how event attendees are thinking about meetings and events. Instead of signing up months in advance, some attendees are waiting until the very last milliseconds to register for an event. And while it’s always great to have a healthy attendance record, the headaches caused by last-minute registrations can be pretty terrible for event organizers.

That’s what writer Jaimie Seaton looked into for us this week, as well as the available solutions planners have to handle — and in some cases, prevent — those last-minute registrations. Read the full story here and read more timely stories below.

— Deanna Ting

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Next Generation Meetings UX

Meeting Planners Are Experimenting With New Tactics to Avoid Last-Minute Registrations: Event overload is causing attendees to register later than ever, and early-bird discounts are so yesterday. It’s time for planners to get innovative. Read more at Skift

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Events That Lead by Example

How Refinery29 Grew 29Rooms From a Staff Party Into a Profitable, Ticketed Event: Refinery sold over 60 percent of the 18,000 tickets in the first week and sold out the rest in less than a month. And while most attendees were local, the event drew people from 45 states and 13 countries. Read more at Digiday

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In the News

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South Korea Is Having Trouble Selling Tickets for the Next Olympics in 2018: With five months to go before the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics open, the Games are barely an afterthought for most South Koreans. Local ticket sales are slow amid the biggest political scandal in years and a torrent of North Korean weapons tests. Read more at Skift

Skift Global Forum 2017

These Are the 550 Companies Attending Skift Global Forum 2017: If your company is not attending Skift Global Forum, it will be missing out on the largest gathering of travel executives, ever. Check out the list, and join us September 26–27 if you can. Read more at Skift


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Photo credit: An attendee is shown at the registration desk at EuroPython 2017, a programming conference held in Italy this summer. This week's newsletter looks at how planners are dealing with last-minute registrations to their events. Alessia Peviani / Flickr

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