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Major storms. Political unrest. Military conflict. These are the travel risks that keep us up at night. And, to be certain, they’re obvious and longstanding examples of events that can drive a vacation or a business trip way off course. However, these aren’t the only or the most frequently encountered factors at work in the travel insurance equation.

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Today, we’re publishing a new Skift Trends Report in partnership with Allianz, Understanding Travel Risk Perceptions & Realities, which explores how companies can meet travelers’ expectations when it comes to travel risk and insurance.

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International and domestic travelers face an ever-changing range of options and challenges when it comes to travel insurance for their journeys. Some of these concerns are rooted in reality; some of these are myths and should be dispelled. The travel industry is hungry for answers to help travelers, and the time for tight partnerships between travel brands and the travel insurance industry is now.

In this report, learn what: 

● Suppliers across verticals are doing to meet travelers’ expectations when it comes to travel risk and travel insurance.
● The always-connected traveler means to travel supplier and travel insurance strategies.
● The power of technology and travel insurance partnerships means to travel suppliers in every vertical.

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This content was created collaboratively by Allianz Worldwide Partners and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX.


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