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Travel providers should pay attention to the preferences in communication of different generations in order to provide optimal customer support to every customer. Download this free report to learn more!

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Today, we’re publishing a report by [24]7, Millennials vs Boomers – Are There Any Differences?, which explores how companies can improve the customer experience for both generations.

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Whether you were born into the digital world or not, technology is now ever-present in our daily communication. But the fast rate at which tech advances makes it impossible for everyone to embrace it all, creating a divide in how different generations prefer to communicate.

Millennials and baby boomers show the biggest generational divide. While boomers prefer to call on the phone, 34% of millennial customers say they would rather get their teeth cleaned than call in to a customer service support line. Both groups want customer service to be easy, but boomers value patience over speed while millennials, having grown up with information at their fingertips, don’t want to wait. Companies should work to provide both groups with the customer service that works for them.

Despite generational differences, all customers want the most effortless customer experience possible—whether they are making a purchase, trying to reach a service representative, or simply trying to find out more information.

By knowing more about generational preferences, travel providers can improve their customer service strategy and improve overall customer satisfaction.

This report:

● Highlights how travel companies can use key generational similarities and differences to provide optimal customer support

● Spotlights what types of customer service people are most receptive to based on their generation, and identifies preferences from each group

● Recommends strategies and best-practices for giving customers of all ages the type of customer experience they prefer.

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This content was created collaboratively by [24]7 and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX.

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