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While technology specifically designed for meetings and events continues to evolve, planners are, in some cases, struggling to keep up with the fast pace of that evolution.

The Future of Meetings & Events

Be careful what you wish for?

That might be the case when it comes to event technology. While advances in technology specifically designed for meetings and events continues to evolve, planners are, in some cases, struggling to keep up with the fast pace of that evolution.

Almost one out of two meeting planners today says that event technology is a primary pain point, according to a new study published by etouches. And another new report from Cvent revealed similar sentiments among planners. When it comes to cloud management platforms, the report said, “Planners cite poor transparency and accuracy over pricing, along with lack of clarity and poor response rates, as their main pain point with venue selection.”

That’s the topic of this week’s main Meetings Innovation Report feature, penned by SkiftX Editor Greg Oates. Read the full story here. While there are many pain points to be solved, Oates also examines some possible solutions designed to not only make it easier for organizers and suppliers to host meetings and events, but to make the actual attendee experience that much better, too.

And speaking of making a meeting experience better and more personalized for attendees, it looks like PCMA is doing just that for its upcoming PCMA Convening Leaders conference in January 2018. If you’re planning on attending, check out this great survey to let PCMA know exactly what you’d like to see in the program next year, from event experience design to responsible business practices.

— Deanna Ting, Hospitality Editor

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