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Throughout the week we post dozens of original stories, connecting the dots across the travel industry, and every weekend we sum it all up. This weekend roundup examines digital trends.

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>>Apple’s annual gathering of mobile app makers revealed that the company is enhancing its voice-activated translation tools. That perked up our ears. But Siri’s still not as fast as many travelers would like: Apple Talks Up Enhancements to Its Translation and Mapping Tools

>>Trivago is about 12 years old but has the attitude of a startup because the company’s managing directors believe this is still the beginning of the beginning of Trivago’s growth. Reduce advertising to focus on profitability? Forget about it — there are too many markets to conquer: Trivago Will Focus on Growth Over Profitability for Years to Come, CFO Says

>>Points is trying to diversify beyond being the world’s largest reseller of airlines and hotels points. But this loyalty tech company needs a little more mojo if it wants to produce truly game-changing products: Points International Aims to Upgrade Airline and Hotel Loyalty Programs

>>Sabre argues that it would be self-harming for U.S.-based airlines to copy the surcharges that European airlines like Lufthansa and British Airways are adding on bookings processed outside of their own networks. Perhaps. But airlines often have views widely different than Sabre’s: Sabre Predicts U.S. Airlines Won’t Level Booking Surcharges


Photo Credit: Trivago CFO Axel Hefer appeared at the Collision conference in New Orleans, Louisiana on May 3, 2017. Stephen McCarthy / Flickr