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It’s no question that many modern business travelers are seeking alternative accommodations to customize their travel experience. In this overarching examination of the overall state of the corporate travel market, we’re breaking down what Airbnb for Work can add to a managed travel plan for travelers and travel managers alike.

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Among the most profound shifts in hospitality and travel over the last decade, the rise of the home-sharing economy has dramatically changed how people travel. Led by companies like Airbnb, home-sharing frees travelers to discover new cities, meet new people, customize their journey, and grow as individuals and professionals like never before.

The demand for local, authentic, immersive travel experiences is driving the exponential growth of the home-sharing industry. Equally important, alternative accommodations are showing higher levels of guest satisfaction than traditional accommodations. They’re also providing more opportunities to personalize the guest experience, especially for long-term stays, and they’re attractive due to their typically lower overall cost, especially during periods of high compression.

Thanks to the newly launched Airbnb For Work dashboard, Airbnb’s “Business Travel Ready” listings, and shifting business traveler demands, more corporate travel managers are embracing the home-sharing industry.

It’s proving to be more cost-effective, more customizable, and more user-friendly for modern business travelers seeking alternative accommodations and a modern perspective of the world. There’s also a strong business case for happier, more productive employees. The challenge moving forward is shifting company policies to align with traveler expectations in the 21st century.

This report looks at:

  •  The confluence of factors driving the rise of the home-sharing economy
  • How Airbnb works, and the benefits for business travelers and their employers
  • Recent research showing heightened levels of traveler satisfaction with alternative accommodation options
  • Airbnb partnerships and integrations with large travel management companies
  • The many ways that Airbnb has evolved significantly in recent years to partner more effectively with corporate travel managers, including the Airbnb For Work’s dashboard and Airbnb’s Business Travel Ready listings
  • How Airbnb provides an easy user experience for both travel managers and business travelers, along with in-depth employee tracking and expense reporting
  • Airbnb’s commitment to duty-of-care and compliance regulations

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