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Throughout the week we post dozens of original stories, connecting the dots across the travel industry, and every weekend we sum it all up. This weekend roundup examines hospitality.

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>>It’s hard to imagine Ace Hotels becoming what it is today without the visionary drive of its late co-founder, Alex Calderwood: What It Was Like to Work With Ace Hotels Co-Founder Alex Calderwood

>>The reigning “Airbnb of China” is going all out to increase its competitive edge in the country as its leading homesharing platform: 3 Ways Tujia Plans to Beat Airbnb’s New Strategy for China

>>While it might seem like AccorHotels is spending money just for the sake of it, this deal seems to make strategic sense: AccorHotels Eyes Stake in French Events Company as It Keeps Buying

>>We are fans of Virgin products and we think that the brand’s founder does good work. But we’d also like to see a workplace relatively free of the type of sexist images it promotes at launch events and anywhere else the founder shows up: Opinion: Virgin and Richard Branson Have a Problem With Women Nobody Talks About

>>The experiential side of hostel travel is one of the main reasons people use them, so Hostelworld’s new strategy makes sense: Hostelworld Seeks to Better Define a Community Amidst Declining Revenue

>>Will Oasis and other alternative accommodations players’ arguably steadier, slower, and more curated approaches to scale pay off in the long term? Or will the speed and scale of bigger players like Airbnb win out in the end? Oasis CEO: Expect More Consolidation, Disruption From Alternative Accommodations

>>With the addition of reservations for advertisers, Instagram will reach customers as they’re most engaged, offering convenient booking and instant ROI for businesses: Chefs+Tech: Restaurant Reservations on Instagram Coming Soon


Photo Credit: Tujia, China's leading homesharing platform, recently unveiled its 2017 strategy for growth. Tujia