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Smart conference planners are now pulling from both the business and creative industries to develop more multidisciplinary programming that engages attendees on more levels. As attendees demand more immersive, authentic and unique experiences, the next generation of meetings deliver content that resonates both professionally and personally.

The end goal is a higher return on experience for attendees and a higher return on investment for organizations. In this Skift Insights Brief, we explore key trends, concepts, and strategies for meeting planners to keep in mind when designing their next event.

In this report you will learn:

    • How event planners are using the entire scope of luxury properties to create multi-disciplinary learning environments and networking experiences.
    • How luxury hotels are engaging local communities to customize more creative and immersive business events and resonate with attendees on a deeper level.
    • Ways to leverage luxury consumer trends on the leisure side, especially by integrating more wellness and transformative travel experiences.

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