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These are the digital trends we were talking about this week.

Throughout the week we post dozens of original stories, connecting the dots across the travel industry, and every weekend we sum it all up. This weekend roundup examines digital trends.

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>>The travel industry was among the earliest pioneers of online commerce: More Travel Brands Give Cyber Monday a Shot — Digital Marketing News

>>If it can pull off a successful initial public offering, then Trivago will resupply its advertising war chest. The metasearch rich are getting richer: Trivago Planning $428 Million IPO to Help Fund Even More TV Ads

>>Travelers need more affordable ways to travel between cities: 5 Travel Startups Speeding Up Inter-City Trips and Transfers

>>While the world is transitioning to mobile, there are still issues to work on when it comes to monetizing mobile search: Trends Highlight: The Monetization Challenges for Metasearch on Mobile

>>There’s little question that Trivago is going to get very big in coming years. Whether it can turn on a profitability gene, and whether its stock price tanks or zooms after it goes public, will be up to the market to decide: Inside Story of How Trivago Built a Brand One Country at a Time

>>While an attempt by tech leaders in the UK to try to maintain the country’s position as a hub is laudable, the direction the current government is heading in means that many of its key suggestions are likely to be ignored: Disrupting Brexit Is the UK Tech Industry’s Biggest Challenge

>>TripAdvisor’s CEO says many of the experiences that make up a trip are still ripe for reviewing. Brace yourselves, museum audio tour providers: Skift Backstage Podcast: TripAdvisor CEO on Setting Realistic Expectations

>>YouTube’s audience remains one of the largest and the ease of sharing a YouTube video is what draws millions of travelers and brands to click, watch and share: The Most Viewed Travel YouTube Videos of 2016


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Photo credit: Trivago co-founder and CEO Rolf Schrömgens, shown in the company's promotional IPO video, believes the company can become the premier player in hotel search. Trivago / Trivago

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