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While regulation is catching up with the alternative accommodations scene, the sector itself is still booming thanks to its social and tech-savvy consumers.

Earlier this month we launched the latest report in our Skift Trends Reports service, The State of Alternative Accommodations 2016.

Below is an excerpt from our Skift Trends Report. Get the full report here to stay ahead of this trend.

The report provides a thorough analysis of the alternative accommodations landscape in the U.S. — who are the big players and what is their presence in the top five markets? Throughout the report we draw a picture of the legal frameworks aimed to regulate the industry, and the supporters behind the regulation – from hotels to affordable housing advocates. Our report is accompanied by a deep data dive on the top 5 U.S. markets, looking at inventory and composition thereof alongside an insightful profiling of the Alternative Accommodations user.

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The broader alternative accommodations ecosystem extends far beyond the mainstream consumer facing platforms. Just like for traditional hotel establishments there are a multitude of support services and apps now available for the alternative accommodation sector.

The business facing platforms for the alternative accommodation sector have also extended into new directions. Services such as concierges, also known as rental managers, take care of all the steps involved in the process of renting: listing, pricing, cleaning and laundry, key delivery, and the whole booking and scheduling process.


Chart courtesy Jason Shuman.

In a recent Skift survey targeting U.S. adults who were traveling at the time of the survey, we queried respondents about their attitudes toward alternative accommodations as well as loyalties towards alternative accommodations brands such as Airbnb and HomeAway.

When looking at mobile and social behavior of our alternative accommodation loyal respondents, we found that they were regular users of both. Every respondent stated that they use social media regularly, and 70% engaged with social media at least three times per day.


Data pulled from Skift’s U.S. Traveler In-Destination Survey 2016.

Of users loyal to at least one alternative accommodation platform, 87% had a dating app installed on their smartphone, compared to just 25% of those who weren’t. And they were far more likely to use such an app, to connect with locals whilst on their trip.

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