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Here's how you can keep track of Skift news on subjects you care about.

As part of continuously improving our user experience, we have recently added a key new feature to Skift story pages which we wanted to alert you to.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 7.20.51 PMAt the end of every story page — including this one, check the end of the story — we have a new button “Follow this Storyline.” It works this way:

  • If you like the current story you’re reading and want to get future developments on this specific topic, you can click on this button and subscribe through email.
  • We’ll send you a smart timeline of related stories that came before; what we call the Storyline
  • Then in the future, when we detect a new story that’s closely related, we’ll send you an email notification.
  • You may follow as many stories as you like, and unsubscribe from any followup emails at any time.

You’ll be surprised how smart the engine behind all of this is, We’ve tied up with Contextly for this service. And mostly importantly, we promise the story follow ups to be very low volume email, only when necessary.

Let us know if you have feedback on this feature, email me at ra AT

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Photo credit: Contextly's features on Skift. Frame

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