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These destinations have a lot to say, and they are using the moment to show an honest side of themselves. 


IHG CEO Richard Solomons recently appeared on CNBC saying terrorism is not too much of a disruptor to the hospitality space, and Brussels is trying to convey the same message. Brussels has been in the news for its links to terror plots, which makes the city appear to be a dangerous destination for travelers. This video, however, aims to defy that image by showing people what life in Brussels is really like today.


You’ve heard of Malaysia, but perhaps you’ve never heard of Kedah, dubbed the cornerstone of the country’s beginnings. Home to one of the oldest civilizations in Southeast Asia, Kedah is a side of Malaysia that fully embodies its “Truly Asia” catchphrase.

Fort Lauderdale

It only takes 60 seconds of fantastic images and diverse landscapes of Fort Lauderdale to persuade an audience to plan a visit here. Beaches, the everglades, an eclectic dining scene and family-friendly fun are just part of the promise that Fort Lauderdale plans to keep.

Photo Credit: Terrorism is not going to break Brussells' stride. Visit Brussels