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Kim Day, CEO of Denver International Airport, spoke at the Skift Global Forum. Day’s talk “Building an Airport for the Future of Travel” explored the challenges of improving airport infrastructure with an eye on the future of travel.

Day has run Denver International Airport since 2008 and under her leadership the airport has grown to be the country’s fifth largest and is on the forefront of design and planning. Day’s talk looked at how airport amenities (at least in some places) have evolved from hot dog stands to fine dining as well as how airports are increasingly filling in the customer service gaps left behind by airlines’ cost cutting and unbundling of services. Day also discussed how airports are using consumer-facing technology to improve everything from shopping to way finding.

This is the latest Skift Global Forum 2015 video we have posted. Over the next few weeks we’ll release each of the three dozen-plus presentations from the 2015 Skift Global Forum. To keep track of them all, bookmark Skift Global Forum.

Watch the video, above, for the full 16-minute presentation.

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