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Brands aren’t just selling a product, they’re selling a story and they’re engaging audiences with thoughtful content that resonates and inspires, delivering messages of adventure.

At least when they work right.

The following videos have done exactly that, focusing less on a product and focusing more on the journey and ease that it can bring.

American Express

American Express follows National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen on a trip to Alaska, showing the legend at work and highlighting the products that help him get his job done, including the Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express.


Mercedes Benz

In this video, Mercedes tells a story of innovation, exploration, and of venturing out into unchartered territory through experiences of two photojournalists who tackle remote terrains in a Mercedes-Benz GLC.


Simple, quick, and effective. One of Apple’s most recent videos shows you how the Apple Watch makes traveling easier and more efficient.

Photo Credit: Mercedes' latest ad is one that inspires. Mercedes