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weekly_trend_roundupEvery week we post hundreds of stories across various sectors in travel, connecting the dots across various global trends, and in these weekend posts we highlight the stories that tackle these trends. This one looks at top aviation trends.

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>>Changi Airport remains a critical case study on getting the airport experience right: Changi Airport Continues Making the World’s Best Airport Better

>>It’s basically 50/50 in terms of which passengers benefit and which ones lose out: 5 Charts Showing Pros and Cons of Spend-Based Airline Loyalty Programs

>>Airlines and designers have the materials they need to make better seats and the competition that will drive them to do so: We Are Entering the Golden Age of Smarter Airline Seat Design

>>American isn’t going as far as Delta or United did: American Airlines’ New Loyalty Program Makes Big Changes to AAdvantage

>>Passengers everywhere are hard to please: Airline Passengers in Asia Dislike Flying for Reasons of Their Own

Photo Credit: Artist rendering of Changi's project Jewel expansion. Changi Airport Group