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weekly_trend_roundupEvery week we post hundreds of stories across various sectors in travel, connecting the dots across various global trends, and in these weekend posts we highlight the stories that tackle these trends. This one looks at top aviation trends.

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>>With connectivity and advanced IFE systems gathering user data, the skies offer limitless possibilities for targeted campaigns and direct sales: Virgin America Looks for JetBlue-Like Ways to Profit From Its New In-Flight Wi-Fi

>>As these unbundled programs take hold in the industry, affecting how reservation systems structure fare data, it will be very difficult to bundle them up again: Unbundled Reimagined: Etihad’s New Baggage Policy Lowers Fees, Ups Allowance

>>This adds another dimension to the question of how airports can best reach travelers with personalized and targeted content: Video Producer Using Facebook for New Restaurant Marketing Program at Atlanta Airport

>>International travelers may be in for some tighter security at the nation’s checkpoints: Is There an Uptick in Special Screening at TSA Checkpoints?

>>When you connect the dots the fact that only 12% of passengers are willing to pay for extras but over 90% of them want to enjoy them calls airline’s up-selling strategies into question: Survey: The Biggest Travel Pain Points for Passengers at U.S. Airports

>>Now that airlines are making money again, they’re fighting for business from corporate travel agents: Airlines Are Looking to Make Amends With Travel Agents

Photo Credit: With high-speed connectivity, Virgin America's Red In-Flight Entertainment has new connections to revenue streams. Virgin America