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As the world of business travel gets more comfortable with Uber as its private driver, more and more partnerships between the ride sharing app and the travel industry are starting to take form. The latest matchup was announced last week with some gentle co-marketing between Uber and Hilton.

As of later this month, Hilton guests will be able to “set reminders” to take an Uber on the day of their travels, while Uber, in turn, will give Hilton guests some unique access to favorite local hotspots.

It’s worth pointing out that unlike the Starwood-Uber mashup there are no loyalty points changing hands at this point, but this small partnership is a step in the right direction. Hopefully soon, both companies will put more on the table.

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Hilton hotel app lets you grab an Uber when you check out.

– Tech Crunch

@TechCrunch you know what else does. the uber app

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