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Today we are launching the latest report in our Skift Trends Reports service, The Vacation Rental Technology Ecosystem.

Airbnb hit the scene eight years ago and since then nothing’s been the same in the vacation rental business. Now that state-of-the-art, web-based booking is available to the masses, mom-and-pops are taking advantage and so are consumers. Not everyone is benefiting, but savvy businesspeople are exploiting the new opportunity. For some, it’s now even possible to completely outsource all aspects of the business, including marketing and management.

Others are merely upping their game by using advanced channel management capabilities to fill vacancies at optimal prices. Thanks to Airbnb’s success, there a lot of tools to choose from. What’s the best way to market your property in this new landscape.

This report examines how vacation rental owners, web-based startups and relative old timers like TripAdvisor are adapting. Drawing on interviews with industry leaders from TripAdvisor, HomeAway and HomeStay as well as industry research, we look at the vacation-rental economy’s winners and best practices.

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