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Nearly every week we hear news of how the airport experience of tomorrow is just around the corner or  how more personalization and information at travelers’ fingertips will soon become a reality. This seems closer at some airports and very distant at others, and this week’s Skiftseedlings roundup looks at travel startups getting ahead of the airports promising tech improvements and updates and giving travelers solutions to problems for airlines, navigating the terminal and travel beyond the airport.

>> FlyStay informs travelers about the activities available during airport layovers. The app suggests activities based on the airport and length of layover, pushes promotions and deals to users, and offers ratings of airport facilities.

SkiftTake: Airports are in the midst of a renaissance investing in better quality food options and more entertaining activities, each which reflect the destinations in which they are located. Thus, they should be eager to partner with platforms like FlyStay that raise awareness of the many options and facilities that they’s brought in.

>> Carhood allows car owners the ability to park at major Australian Airports for free and rent out their vehicles to other travelers. Full comprehensive insurance and a car wash are included and car owners can take home a percentage of the rental fee.

SkiftTake: The on-demandification of everything has taken a new turn, moving into airports and seeding control of someone’s property to a third party—a smart way to make money on cars pioneered by FlightCar that would otherwise be stagnant.

>> Terminal Delay lets travelers check the status of their flights and also provides airport maps, airport chat rooms and a profile that lets other travelers see where you’re coming from and let them know where you’re going next.

SkiftTake: If travelers are willing to give up their airline apps which already provide them with this information, and some surveys indicate they’re ready to do this with the proliferation of apps becoming too overwhelming, Terminal Delay might be the all-in-one answer they’re looking for.

>> Hellogbye helps travelers store their flight rewards in an app, make changes to your trip and receive notifications for cancellations or flight delays.

SkiftTake: Hellogbye’s best bet is its feature that lets family members get involved in the trip planning process and stay updated on the itinerary as its other offerings already exist across several new startups.

>> Passenger helps travelers keep track of their travels – and their travel awards – in a single account. Their trips are logged automatically by checking-in when you leave. Their trip histories are collated to provide insights and travel stats, including loyalty awards with the different transportation providers they’ve used.

SkiftTake: Many travelers are rewards members of several airlines and are tired of keeping track of separate accounts, Passenger offers them the hope that one day the process of tracking rewards and trip miles won’t be so frustrating.

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