This is an excerpt from the first installment of our Future Cities series, where we look at how inventive development projects, ambitious tourism goals, and smart city initiatives are paving the way for Dubai to build the city of the future. View the article and video here.

Emerging as the modern day crossroads connecting east and west, Dubai is as innovative as it is ambitious. Known for iconic buildings and cutting edge city planning, Dubai has become a leader in smart city design, not only in the Middle East, but globally.

Its self-aware lack of contentedness has sparked aggressive goals by city officials, who aim to not only make Dubai the most visited destination in the world but also the most connected.

According to MasterCard’s 2015 Global Destinations Cities Index, Dubai is the unmistakable world champion when you look at the size of the city’s resident population and look at the number of international overnight visitors that the city attracts per resident. Dubai went from 4.9 visitors per resident in 2009 to a remarkable 5.7 in 2015.

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Future Cities is a collaboration between Skift and MasterCard, exploring how major destinations are preparing for the new age of urban mobility. From connected infrastructure to smart technologies, this series looks at how global cities are creating seamless and personalized experiences for visitors and residents. 

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