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Travelers no longer experience a place solely through landmarks or big events. Local food and drink now offers a compelling (and delicious) way for destinations to stand apart.

Food has transitioned from necessity to obsession in recent years.

We fill our social media streams with plate photos, suss out restaurant reviews, lust after a specific cuisine, and then travel thousands of miles or just across town to taste the most authentic version of it.

This week’s podcast How Culinary Obsessions Are Changing the Way We Travel looks at what is behind the desire for a unique dining experience as well as how cities large and small create experiences that ensure that their meals are an integral part of their travel experience.

To discuss the evolution of travelers’ culinary expectations, host Samantha Shankman and Skift co-founder and Head of Content Jason Clampet sat down with Dan Amatuzzi, the general manager at Eataly, and Lionel Ohayon, the founder of innovation agency ICRAVE.

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