New Skift Magazine: Megatrends Defining Travel in 2015

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The future of travel will be defined by leaders who understand the larger context in which travel operates. Skift 2015 Megatrends magazine does the work for you.

— Rafat Ali

Today, we’re launching our global travel megatrends forecast for 2015. This year, unlike the last two years where we released them as PDF reports, we are launching it as a print (and digital) magazine.

The Skift Megatrends For 2015 make one thing clear: Some of the biggest consumer and tech changes that are playing out in the larger world can best be observed by looking at habits in travel and its sub-sectors. Add to that travel’s larger role reflecting the geopolitical realities of the world, and what emerges is a heady mix that continues to make the world’s largest industry among the most exciting sectors on the planet right now.

The Big Three key themes emerging in travel in 2015 are: Mobile. Seamless. Experiential.

You will see these themes reflected in the 12 megatrends we have identified in the pages of this magazine. All of these cut across various travel verticals, and understanding the big picture will keep you on the cutting edge of the future of travel in 2015 and beyond.

We want to thanks our magazine sponsors Virgin Atlantic, Amadeus and Egencia for making this possible.

Download the copy for deeper read by clicking on the image below. Either way, share them if you like them and think others can benefit from them.



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