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U.S. passenger airlines saw their ranks of full-time employees increase 1% in August year over year to 384,478, and the highest percentage job growth occurred amongst low cost carriers.

In fact, while the new¬†data from the DOT’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics reveal that the six low cost carriers saw their employment ranks rise 3% as a group, the airlines that have become known as ultra-low cost carriers among them notched the highest employment growth rates.

In August 2014, Allegiant saw its employee ranks jump 15.5% year over year to 2,248; the number of Spirit full-time employees increased 11.9% to 3,774, and Frontier’s full-time employee numbers climbed 7.9% to 3,832.

The job growth numbers provide more impetus to the rise of these fee-happy low cost carriers, which often charge fees not only for checked bags, but for carry-ons and even overhead bin space. Their low fares are proving popular among a segment of travelers, and are spurring growth in their roster of full-time employees.

Rounding out the field of low-cost carriers, Virgin America (3.8%), JetBlue (3.5%) and Slouthwest-AirTran (1.3%) all produced increased numbers of full-time employees in August 2014 compared with the same period a year ago, but their growth spurts didn’t match those of Alliegiant, Spirit or Frontier.

While the number of full-time employees among low cost carriers increased 3% in August 2014, according to the BTS data, network carriers saw their employee numbers rise just 0.1% to 256,095.

Meanwhile the regional airlines as a group posted a 2.5% year over year increase in full-time employees in August 2014, according to the BTS. Four of them, including Chautauqua Airlines, Endeavor Airlines, Envoy Air and Shuttle America, reported reduced full-time employee numbers while nine notched increases.

August was the ninth consecutive month in which there was a year-over-year increase in full-time employees for the 27 scheduled passenger airlines. David Smallen, a DOT spokesperson, said passenger airline hiring is a trend that started in December 2013.

United continued as the largest employer among U.S. passenger airlines in August, employing 79,263 full-timers.

The rankings of the top 10 airline employers remain the same in August 2014 versus August 2013, the BTS found.

Top 10 Airlines, August 2014, Ranked by Number of Full-Time Employees

RankAirlineTotal FTE EmployeesCarrier Group**Top 10 Airlines August 2013
5US Airways31,530NetworkUS Airways
7Envoy**10,811RegionalAmerican Eagle

**Envoy operated as American Eagle prior to April 2014

Source: U.S. Department of Transportation Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Photo Credit: An Allegiant Air MD-83 passenger jet takes off from the Monterey airport in Monterey, California, February 26, 2012. Michael Fiala / Reuters