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Avid mobile users -- the early adopters on Android -- are booking a lot more on their devices now, and this number will only increase.

TRAVEL HABITS OF AMERICANS-logoIn the world of early adopters, travel booking habits are changing fast — much like every other habit that has changed since the advent of smartphones.

That’s borne out in our new survey on the “Travel Habits of Americans,” a series we launched six weeks ago on the travel and booking habits of Americans.

This is the sixth survey in the series, and we asked only Android smartphone users (thanks to Google Consumer Surveys which now allows this targeting through the Google Opinion Rewards app) a question: “Have you used your phone for any kind of travel booking?

Topline result: The answer, surprisingly high at 61 percent of U.S. Android mobile users who used their phones to do some kind of mobile booking. This points to how fast mobile booking is picking up, in the year that desktop booking has peaked and will start declining, according to projection from eMarketer earlier this year.

Important: This survey — not served to Skift users — was administered to almost 1300 of the U.S. Android smartphone population through the summer. The methodology is explained here.


» Breakdown by sex, Chart 2 below: More men than women using Android have booked travels using their smartphones.

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» Breakdown by age, Chart 3 below: The middle young, from 25-45, are the ones that have used their mobile for travel booking the most in America.

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» Breakdown by region, Chart 4 below: Northeast, surprisingly least proficient in booing through their mobile phones.

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» Breakdown by region, Chart 5 below: Suburban Android users have booked most, when it comes to booking though their phones.

survey-qd7rzdglgxg2s-question-1 (4)

» Breakdown by income, Chart 6 below: Not surprisingly, the rich Americans who have Androids are more prone to booking travels on mobile, compared to lower income Americans.

survey-qd7rzdglgxg2s-question-1 (5)

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