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Chinese airlines had some of the lowest on-time arrival percentages last month, and the Asia-Pacific region as a whole had the lowest overall on-time arrival percentage.

The FlightStats Airlines On-Time Performance Report for August shows that China Airlines, Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines had on-time percentages of 23.63%, 35.34%, 36.39% and 51.42%, respectively, when compared to all global airlines. The Asia-Pacific region’s on-time average last month was 64.18%, the lowest regional average.

After Chinese airlines, Italy’s Alitalia, Egypt’s EgyptAir and the UAE’s Etihad Airways had the next lowest on-time records globally. Alitalia’s on-time rate was 58.37%, EgyptAir’s was 53.76% and Etihad’s was 38.34%.

China’s airlines also correspond to some of the highest delay percentages, with Air China’s flights delayed 64.66% of the time last month leading to an average delay time of 37.58 minutes. In the low-cost airlines group, China-based Spring Airlines had the lowest on-time arrival at 35.8%.

North American airlines had the best overall on-time percentage, making it to the gate as scheduled 79.85% of the time.

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Photo Credit: China Airlines had one of the worst on-time records compared to all global airlines that were tracked in August. Doug / Flickr