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More than one million people checked into World Cup stadiums on Facebook during the month-long tournament, with Brazilians making the most check-ins.

Data released by Facebook’s Data Science team shows most of the check-ins came from Brazilians, with U.S. visitors having the second most. Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, which was the site of the final and will also host events for the 2016 Summer Olympics, had the most check-ins of the 12 venues.

The first and last matches were the most popular to check into, with the final game between Germany and Argentina having the highest number of check-ins. Most of the first check-ins came on June 12, the first day of the games.

The data also shows new friend activity that occurred between international visitors and Brazilians and between other foreign visitors. On average, visitors who checked into Brazil during June made one Brazilian friend and one other international friend. US visitors made the most new friendships with Brazilians, followed by Australians and Argentinian visitors.

Americans made the most new friends with UK visitors, while friendships among UK and Australian visitors were the most common non-Brazilian and non-American pairs.

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Photo Credit: Visualization of new "friendships" between attendees from different countries at the World Cup. Facebook