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Tipping behavior is mandated by the destination, not where the traveler is from, which means most global travelers should be tipping on at least a few of their vacations.

A quarter, or 23 percent, of travelers from around the world never tip while on vacation, according to a new Expedia survey of 11,165 people across five continents.

When to tip and how much to tip are topics of endless conversation, especially when visiting a new country and learning about the customs of the new destination.

And although Americans often pride themselves on leaving generous tips, the Expedia survey shows that Mexican and Austrian travelers are actually the most likely to leave a tip.

The chart below shows which percentage of vacationers from each country indicated that they tip service providers while on holiday.

Nationality % That Tip
Mexico 96%
Austrian 92%
German 91%
Canadian 90%
Thai 90%
Indian 90%
American 86%
Australian 50%
New Zealander 42%

Food servers are the most likely to receive a tip with 50 percent of respondents claiming that they typically tip in a restaurant.

Hotel staff were less likely to receive with approximately 36 percent of respondents stating that they tip for maid service, room service delivery and bellhops.

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