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The Holiday Inn Airline

The logo

Getting ready in the hangar.

Inside the Holiday Inn Airline plane,with economy and upper class designs.

The airline crew uniform design.

The Holiday Inn Airlines Lounge

Design of other branding items

Including the stationary design

The boarding card design

The site design

And the extensive mobile site design

Behance is a great source of creative ideas and we love browsing through it to get inspired about various travel branding and design stories.

Recently we came across one speculative project from a group Italian student designers that caught our eye for the sheer novelty and details of it.

The project takes the Holiday Inn brand and imagines an airline brand extension of it, complete with livery design, stationary, online and mobile site and app design, and even a Holiday Inn Airlines lounge.

Historically, many of the airlines worldwide have owned hotels — SAS previously owned Radisson as one of the more famous examples — though that has becoming rare to non-existent as companies become more vertically integrated.

Some examples remain, such as Icelandair, which owns nine hotels in various parts of Iceland; Easyjet owns EasyHotel, a group of 15 low-cost hotels in Europe; and AirAsia has the most extensive operation with TuneHotels and aims to open 100 hotels by 2015.

But hotels owning airlines is rare, the only example we can think of is Four Seasons which recently launched a private jet service to give high-end tours to its upper-tier customers.

Check out all the photos above.

Photo Credit: Holiday Inn Air project on Behance. Andrea Mantuano / Behance