The Well-Designed Chair That Could Make Flight Delays Less Painful

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Although it might make long delays slightly more bearable for the average travelers, frequent flyers will still be laughing at them all the way to their lounge.

— Samantha Shankman

All Resmo chairs include a small face shield for functional privacy in a public setting.

The chairs can be set up anywhere in the airport. Passengers can put the chairs together to increase group privacy.

The chair can be positioned for flyers that want to sit up or lay down.

Flyers across the U.S. saw the worst flight delays and cancellations in years this winter after snow storms ravaged even the most unlikely of airports. And most flyers, without access to members lounges or unable to buy a few hours in a hotel, were stuck sitting and sleeping on rigid airport chairs and floors.

Seeking to fix this most uncomfortable situation, designer Ko Chien-Hui came up with a light-weight fold-up chair that gives passengers privacy and a place to rest in very public spaces.

Resmo, designed for “camping involuntarily at the airport,” can be positioned in several ways allowing users to sit or lay down with different levels of privacy. All configurations include a small face shield.

The idea is that airport operators and airlines would have a stack of the foldable furniture to hand out during the delays. Passengers could then huddle in small groups in the relative safety of their bendable yoga mats.

According to PSFK, Chien-Hui Ko developed RESMO as part of her diploma project at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weisensee. The design has won a Red Dot Award for Design Concept 2014.

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