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Expect a lot more intelligence to come into the listings business, both a mix of using data to personalize, and smaller form-factors like mobile taking off.

Early in January we released our big report, “14 Global Trends That Will Define Travel in 2014,” outlining the major trends that will define travel this year.

Below is one of the trends we see as playing out over 2014 and beyond.

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Travelers are overwhelmed by choices in booking online, while mobile is creating the need for better curated experience in a small form factor. Booking providers can deliver well-targeted information to travelers due to their mining and analysis of all kinds of data.

The growth of curation-centric startups like, Room77, and HotelTonight is symptomatic of what consumers are yearning for to navigate the clutter.

Curation mostly happens algorithmically, as HotelTonight does by displaying a handful of same-day hotel deals in each market, and startup MyGola does for personalized and recommended trips.

HomeAway turned to Andrew Harper, an expert in the luxury space, for a more manual curation, and to launch an upscale site for vacation rentals, where travelers seeking vacation rentals can skip wading through countless listings for one-bedrooms with a kitchenette that they wouldn’t be interested in.

Expect a lot more intelligence to come into the listings business. It saves time and angst for users, all with the goal of better conversion for the sellers.

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Check out the 2014 trends below in the presentation, or download them for deeper read. Either way, share them if you like them and think others can benefit from them.

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