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The number of Americans traveling abroad increased one percent in 2013, according to data released Monday by the U.S. Department of Commerce. And they’re being more adventurous when choosing their destinations.

The number of Americans (32.6 million) that traveled to North American markets, Mexico and Canada, outnumbered those that traveled overseas (29 million) by a little more than 3 million.

But Mexico and Canada only saw a one percent increase in visitors in comparison to a two to five percent increase in other regions worldwide.

The Middle East and Oceania experienced the greatest increase, 5 percent, in American travelers in 2013. American travelers to Central America and Africa each increased four percent. And travelers to traditional destinations like Europe, the Caribbean, and South America each increased two percent.

A surprising find is that the number of American travelers to Asia remained flat.

Asia’s travel market continues to grow but the stagnation either suggests that the potential of the U.S. as a source market for Asia has reached saturation.

RegionsTotal Visitors% Change YTDYTD Market Share
Grand Total61,569,8001.4%100%
South America1,735,1881.92.8
Central America2,496,0614.24.1
Middle East1,579,4825.32.6
Total Overseas29,015,4631.8%47.1%
North America32,554,3371.1%52.9%
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Photo Credit: Tourists walk pass a billboard near a department store in Bangkok. Reuters