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How does a global, business-to-business travel brand reinvent itself and portray its relevance in reshaping the future of travel?

Amadeus, the Madrid-based travel technology company, with its large airline and travel agency customer base, and $3.2 billion in revenue for the first nine months of 2013, is attempting to do just that with a new branding campaign.

The multifaceted campaign, replete with corporate blog posts, a new logo, social media activities, a revamped consumer website to showcase its products, and a YouTube video, Let’s Shape the Future of Travel, round out the branding effort.

Amadeus believes that the future of travel and its underlying technology is based on “personalization, connectivity and sustainability.”


In its YouTube video, Amadeus touches all the bases about the future of travel: the blending of leisure and business travel; the ascendance of local experts; customized and personalized offers at the airport; selecting airline seats based on social media information; seamless connectivity between airline, ground transport and accommodations, and sustainability.

Is there a smarter way to re-energize a company and make it relevant for the 21st century than by positioning itself at the center of the future of travel?

Amadeus’ vision is to foster the future of travel through thought leadership, Big Data and partnerships, or as the company states: “Together we can make it more possible. Let’s shape the future of travel.”

Here’s the video:

Photo Credit: Amadeus revamped a consumer trip-planning site, using a heavy dose of inspiration to showcase its products. PlaceIt by Breezi