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We have our doubts that FlyFit snacks really ease the pain of jet lag or economy class seats, but the minimal packaging and health consciousness ingredients suggest there are smarter and healthier ways for airlines to replace meals.

Any frequent flyer who keeps tabs on lifestyle and health trends will be delighted to hear buzzwords like “superfruits” and “GMO-free” associated with their in-flight meals. After years of re-heated meat and potatoes, the idea of light energizing snacks is enticing.

The Dutch company Vitalit Laboratories has been such producing such health-conscious in-flight snacks, appropriately dubbed ‘FlyFit,’ for more than five years. And it’s starting to catch on.

The company’s goal is to develop drinks and snacks that fight travel fatigue. Its website says the sandwiches, snack bars, and vitamin shots “help reduce the impact of dry cabin air, high altitudes and circumstances such as time differences and dehydration.”

Starting November 1, Singapore Airlines will start serving passengers FlyFit Nutritional cranberry bars. EasyJet‘s crew also receives the cranberry bars in their snack boxes.

Norwegian Air recently added FlyFit vitamin shots to their new fashionable amenity kits.

Click through the slideshow above to see the FlyFit snacks and packaging created specifically for the airline industry.

A blog on airline food news wrote about FlyFit products last year and pointed out that Virgin Australia and Air Berlin passengers have enjoyed the snacks.

The products have also been cleverly used to help cabin crews fight the effects of defying gravity for too many hours a day. The products have been included in employees’ meals at Air Canada Jazz, easyJet, and Thomas Cook.

One reason why passengers and flight crews may be seeing more of the FlyFlit products in coming years is due to design. Vitalit packages the products to easily fit inside aircraft kitchens.

And as APEX Editor’s Blog noted last year, the snack boxes have become increasingly popular since they are cost-effective, convenient, and easy to manage. The boxes also provide airlines with another branding opportunity.

Below is the FlyFit 2013 brochure with details on its products:

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Photo credit: The FlyFit Snackbox includes a sandwich or muffin, a FlyFit drink, an organic bar or fruit chips, and a Vitatility booster. The boxes are designed for breakfast or pre-arrival snacks. FlyFit

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